The Client

Reggie notices Mark's Led Zeppelin T-shirt pictured
here which brings about this conversation:

Reggie: "You like Led Zeppelin?" Mark: "Yeah, do you like Led Zeppelin?" Reggie: "Oh yeah, they were a great band." Mark: "I bet you never even heard of Led Zeppelin. You're probably one of those grown-ups who just say they like really cool bands just to get close to little punks like me." Reggie: "Well I think we've covered just about everything." Mark: "Alright, what's your favorite Led Zeppelin song?" Reggie: "Ah, Moby Dick, live version. Bitchin' drum solo. I'll pick you up tomorrow about 2:30, ok?" Mark: "What were the names of the first 4 albums, Miss Groupie?" Reggie: "You just tell Reverent Roy what you told me and that will probably be the last we hear from him. Ok?" Mark: "What happens if you lie to the FBI?" Reggie: "It's a federal offense. In theory, you could go to jail. Why? You weren't smoking something besides cigarettes in those woods, were you?" Mark: "No mam." Reggie: "Is there something you're not telling?" Mark: "I'm positive I'm not keeping something from you. I mean, I was just curious." Reggie: "Ok. ….. Oh and the first Led Zeppelin albums were called I, II and III. The 4th, which is actually untitled is generally referred to as IV. See you tomorrow, groupie."

Time: 00:42:31