On The Air Live With Captain Midnight

Robert Plant poster left of Ziggy's Desk

Time: 00:14:44
Physical Graffiti LP on the wall

Time: 00:15:01
Ziggy: "Those rock awards that came along last Monday…
Excellent! Led Zeppelin won them all. Best group was
Led Zeppelin. Best lead vocalist was Robert Plant on
Led Zeppelin. Best song was Stairway to Heaven by
Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin. We got some
Led Zeppelin here for you on Radio X coming right up."

Time: 00:44:08
Ziggy: "Aerosmith, Nugent, Zeppelin. All right we'll get
on back there so we don't get busted and we'll crank some."

Time: 00:45:31
Scott: "Hey Ziggy the kids really dig it." Ziggy: "Well all right!"
Scott "We'd like to hear some Zeppelin or some Aerosmith."
Ziggy: "How about some Nugent?" Scott: "Beautiful."
Ziggy: "Lets crank it." Scott: "Hey, Later." Ziggy: "Take it Easy."

Time: 01:13:07