Dazed and Confused

Slater: "I ain't believin' that shit about Bonham's one-hour drum solo. One hour on drums? You couldn't handle that shit on strong acid.

Time: 00:06:38

Director Richard Linklater went to the extreme length of sending a video tape of him personally pleading to Plant to let him include the song Rock And Roll in his movie "Dazed And Confused". Both Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones approved the inclusion of the song, but Plant, for reasons best known to himself, refused to allow it to be used. This meant it couldn't be used, as agreement from all three surviving members of Zeppelin was required. There is no Zeppelin content in the film anyway, and Linklater was of the opinion that Plant's "people" rather than him were behind the refusal, actually expressing his doubts that his pleas ever got to Plant himself.