Empire Records

"I'm glad to say I made you a tape last night for educational purposes. Well here's the deal, man. You start off with a little classical music, a little pooky, a little puffy. Then you got some Shaggs on there, and Residents. A little Floyd and Zeppelin."

Time: 00:33:24
"Could you be a bit more vague, man? We got lots of Clapton on vinyl. We got Clapton with John Mayall, Clapton with Yardbirds. Clapton with Derek & the Dominoes. Clapton with Blind Faith. The Rainbow concert from ‘73. Do you want him solo, you want him unplugged, you want him with Cream? You wanted the white boy living room tapes with Jimmy Page?"

Time: 01:22:25

Note: You can also see the top half of Led Zeppelin's first album on vinyl.