The Simpsons

Season: 2
Episode: The Way We Was #7F12

Young Homer has a Led Zeppelin poster in his room

Time: 00:08:27
Season: 7
Episode: Homerpalooza #3F21

Announcer: "FSL Fossil 103. Classic
hits from Abba to Zeppelin comma Led."
(Music starts playing)
Nelson: "leh... tell him!"
Milhouse: "Uuh, Mr. Simpson, sir.
Can you please change the radio station!"

Time: 00:01:40
Season: 7
Episode: Homerpalooza #3F21

Young Homer has a Led Zeppelin poster in his room

Time: 00:05:24
Season: 9
Episode: Das Bus #5F11

Otto: "Just hang tight kids. I'll swim for help."
Otto swims out the bus window into open sea.
The tide pulls him backwards.

Otto: "What the?!....Zeppelin ruuullleeessss!"

Time: 00:06:21
Season: 15
Episode: The Regina Monologues #EABF22

Homer: "Now, now, let's just look. There's Big Ben;
there's Piccadilly Circus; there's Jimmy Page,
one of the greatest thiefs of American
black music who ever walked the Earth..."

Time: 00:11:23
Season: 15
Episode: 'Tis The Fifteenth Season #FABF02

Homer: "I'm not looking for glory or wealth.
I'm just buying that stairway to heaven Jesus sang of."
Ned: "That was Led Zeppelin!"
Homer: "Get back to your bong, hippy!"

Time: 00:13:22
Season: 17
Episode: Bart Has Two Mommies #S17E14

Ned: "Ned: "What's this? Ah! It? the rip cord from a band aid wrapper. Call me Ned Zeppelin, but is one of my boys abraised and contused?"

Time: 00:12:25
Season: 18
Episode: G.I. (Annoyed Grunt) #HABF21

Army plays Communication Breakdown for Springfield students.

Time: 00:04:44