Wayne's World 2

Garth: "Hey, that's you with Led Zeppelin!"

Time: 00:22:10
Garth wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt

Time: 00:33:02
Garth: "Living on your own defiantly has its perks! Schwing! You know because your mom doesn't tell you to turn down the stereo and junk like that, you know which is a real drag. Schwing! Schwing! You know, because moms are genetically programmed to hate music played at the appropriate level, right? I mean. And my dad, forget about it. Scwhing! Scwhing! Scwhing! Scwhing! He could ruin a Led Zeppelin reunion concert. You know what I mean. Cause he hates any music played at the appropriate level. Scwhing! Scwhing! Scwhing!"

Time: 00:43:25